North Coast CNPS

Wildflower Show

Spring Wildflower Show and Native Plant Sale
the North Coast celebration of wild California plants
May 3-4-5, 2019

NOTE: Same great events, now in TWO PLACES--Jefferson Community Center and Freshwater Farms.

Spring Wildflower Show  (see Plant Sale below)
            Jefferson Community Center, 1000 B St., Eureka.
                        May 3, Friday, 2-8 p.m.
                        May 4 & 5, Saturday & Sunday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
                                    Contact: Susan 672-3346

  • oak woodland displays and lectures
  • hundreds of fresh flowers, native and non-native
  • speakers on oak woodlands, Karuks and oaks, native plant gardening, and painting oaks
  • Wiyot land management
  • Wildflower art workshop Friday, 7 p.m. 707-677-0927
  • experts to identify your wild plant
  • invasive plant game
  • wildflower posters and postcards and plant books to buy
  • wild, edible plants
  • plants of the dunes
  • Admission free. Everyone welcome.  Handicap accessible.

 Native Plant Sale
            Freshwater Farms Reserve,
5851 Myrtle Ave., Eureka,
a property of the Northcoast Regional Land Trust, where cows and coho live side-by-side
                        May 4 & 5.  Saturday & Sunday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
                                    Contact: Chris 826-0259

  • over 120 species grown by our chapter
  • thousands of plants from five local nurseries
  • 3 species of milkweeds and 20 of cheerful annuals
  • 24 species of beautiful bulbs
  • many species of perennials, grasses, shrubs, and trees
  • don't forget the ferns and succulents
  • experienced gardeners to help you; plants for a variety of planting needs
  • list of species at>Gardening>Native Plant Sales
  • cash, check, or credit card
  • Please bring a box to carry home your plants.


Speakers at the Wildflower Show

 Friday, May 3
            7 p.m. Art Night. Artists Annie Reid, Joyce Jonte, and Patricia Sennott will provide a creative and congenial atmosphere for artists, from beginners to professionals, to sit down together and draw the flowers of their choice borrowed from the show.  Please tell us you are coming 677-0927.

Saturday, May 4
11 a.m. "Gardening with Native Plants in 2019." Naturalist and gardener Pete Haggard will tell (with photos) his recent thoughts about providing native plants for native wildlife.  Bring your bugs to be identified.
              3 p.m. "Oak Stewardship by Native Peoples."  Frank Lake will show and tell how local tribes use oaks and associated plants and how they restore oak woodlands.

Sunday, May 5
            12 noon. "Oaks, the Forgotten Old Growth." Yana Valachovic reports on studies of local oak age, on conifer encroachment of oak woodlands, why we need to protect oaks now, and new policies that facilitate management.
              1:30 p.m. "An Artist Encounters Oaks." On a trail of art and stories, local artist Kathy O'Leary will share her two-year visual exploration and appreciation of California oaks,

Displays at the Wildflower Show

Oak Woodlands.  Learn what they are, where they are, why they are important, and how they are threatened.

Native American Cultural Plants.  Edible, medicinal, and cultural-use plants of importance to the Wiyot Tribe.

Wild Edible Plants.  See favorite edible, native plants that you can grow outside your door for your consumption, while providing native habitat for native wildlife.

Invasive Plants.  Learn what common garden species are invading our wildlands. 

Plants of the Dunes.  Friends of the Dunes brings a sampling from the dunes to you.

Oak Woodlands in Six Rivers National Forest.  Stunning photographs of a beautiful habitat and its flower inhabitants. 


Teachers' Resources - these are downloadable .pdf files

Flower parts (12 KB) Flower activities (5 KB)
Pollination (222 KB) Uses of native plants (4 KB)
Five flower types (508 KB) Is it OK to pick wildflowers? (5 KB)






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